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Organize Their Day

Keeping up with daily to-do’s can be tough, especially for kids. With the Focus Posters process, you can create and download your child’s personalized schedule, chore chart, action plan, or feeling chart in minutes. The best part? Your child is the main character.



Create a Friend

Design the perfect character with your child—customize their look, from the shape of their nose to bright pink hair, if they wish! We feature a growing library of options for religious head coverings and accessibility, too, to help even more kids feel included.



Pick a Template

Choose from personalized schedules, chore charts, action plans, and feeling charts to best support what your child needs. All the above? Awesome–we frequently offer personalized discounts for multiple orders.



Choose Illustrations

The character you and your child designed in Step 1 is automatically input into our library of illustrations! We have a few different categories to pick from, depending on your template. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Upload a photo for maximum customization!



Design Your Poster

Steps 1, 2, and 3 all come together as you design the overall appearance of your poster in real-time. More tough decisions await: the Digger background, or Train? From here, continue to secure payment and download your poster design instantly to your device. It’s THAT easy!

Create in Minutes

Download In Seconds


At Home

Focus Posters is here to help your child tackle their day like a champ from “good morning” to “good night,” and all the mealtimes and clean-ups in between! They can be used across home environments as a handy guide for your child to use to stay organized and on track.


In School

With their portable and personal poster in tow, school transitions are more structured and less stressful for you and your child. You can also use Focus Posters in the classroom to help support students’ individualized needs.


For Health

Focus Posters can be a valuable tool for navigating new health routines and building healthy habits for life. We will be launching Focus Posters – Health in late 2024, aiming to support young patients and their families stay engaged and informed throughout their health journey.

Focus Posters started out as a dad (Adam J. Boyer) looking for a poster to help his son clean his room.

Adam knew it’d be the perfect project for his friend and children’s content creator, Annie (Annalyce P. D’Agostino).

The two collaborated to make a poster for his son, Nicholas. That’s when Adam and Annie knew they created something special, and they couldn’t wait to bring Focus Posters to kids and families everywhere.

What Folks Are Saying

“No more frustrated parents (or kids) and no more repeating directions over and over.”

Without being told by an adult, the boys know which tasks come first, next, and last just by a quick reference to their focus poster. Once they’ve completed all tasks, they have free time until it’s time to head out the door. No more frustrated parents (or kids) and no more repeating directions over and over. The boys are totally self directed and, believe it or not, we now have spare time in the morning! 

Moreover, it was so easy for my kids to connect with their posters because the characters ON the poster actually looked like them. My oldest said, “Mom, this is me, right? This is exactly what I would look like if I were in a cartoon!” We all giggled and my child instantly connected to the poster and bought into the idea of this new way of structuring the morning. 

-Josephine G., Mom of 3

“He LOVES that the picture looks like him and it makes him feel so special.”

These focus posters are such an incredible idea! I became interested in this product for my son because he struggles to get ready for school on time in the morning.

Since my son started using his focus poster, he has been able to get ready without me having to constantly remind him of what to do next. He has been using the focus poster everyday to remind him of his morning routine and to organize and sequence his morning tasks.

He LOVES that the picture looks like him and it makes him feel so special. I love that it is durable because it is laminated so I don’t have to worry of spills or anything messing up the quality of the picture cards. Also, it is really helpful that the order of the picture cards can be changed and even removed because some days the routine is different.

This product helps my son achieve completion of his daily living skills and I believe that will help shape him into a responsible and independent adult.

This product gets two thumbs up for me and I think any family with children will find these focus posters are a great addition to helping their children with their daily routine!


-Renee W., Mom of 2


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