There Was a Better Way

It all started with a dad (Adam) who wanted to find a better way to help his son clean his room. It wasn’t that four-year-old Nicholas didn’t want to do it, he was just so overwhelmed he didn’t know where to begin… and neither did Adam. Commercially sold chore charts just weren’t ticking the boxes.

An ADHD veteran himself, Adam had a few requirements for the perfect visual aid for his son: highly visual, customizable, empowering, and easy to create.

Highly Visual

friendly for readers, pre-readers, and non-readers alike


designed to accommodate any lifestyle


it’s a reflection of themselves: their likeness, their interests, their lifestyle

Easy to Create

online, on-demand. We’re here when you need us

The Perfect Poster
Didn’t Exist… Until

Focus Posters™

Adam and Annie teamed up for the cause

Adam knew what he wanted to see as a parent

Annie envisioned what was possible as a children’s content creator and graphic designer

Nicholas LOVED it

…and he cleaned his room from that point onward (when he wants to)

That’s when we knew we had to bring Focus Posters to children and their parents everywhere.

Because, yeah, there was a better way.

Annalyce P. D’Agostino


Hi! I’m Annie, a multifaceted children’s content creator happily hopping from research articles to color palettes in a moment’s notice. My academic roots in family studies, human development, and media, motivated me to identify gaps and create resources that inspire.

A Telly Award-winner for my self-produced web series, Blooming Buddies Workshop: “Sonny Calms Down,” I continuously strive for excellence in concept, application, design, and impact.

In my spare time, I enjoy Photoshopping family and friends onto historical paintings, making jewelry out of shrink plastic, and long walks in the park to brainstorm new ideas for Focus Posters™.

Adam J. Boyer


I’m the co-founder and President of Camfisto, an award-winning digital media production company, and I currently sit on the Trustee Board of FAITH Center for the Arts.

I live in North Jersey, where I was born and raised, with my wife (an elementary music educator) and our three kids.

Education is the lifeblood of our economy, so whenever I’m afforded the chance to give back to our teacher heroes I do what I can; blending art, technology, and critical thinking into the classroom can change an entire generation.

Kaylin Vee


My name is Kaylin, I’m a full time Recreational leader for The County of Middlesex. I lead groups of Volunteers giving them the tool (literally and figuratively) to better improve our recreational facilities and environment in New Jersey. I am always looking for opportunities to fulfill my passion for Art. I have a Degree in Animation/Illustration, and have always loved expressing myself through art. Helping children be able to learn, and express themselves through this project is truly a dream come true.

Web Developer

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